International Students

At Network Canada Inc, we work with International Students to help them find the right programs to meet their education goals.

We are partnered with 11 Secondary and Post-Secondary institutions in Manitoba, which allows us to assist students to find the best possible study options to suite their needs. We pride ourselves in our work assisting students with the whole process of studying in Manitoba, including education counselling to ensure the correct program selection, help with the online application to Manitoba educational institutions, assistance with obtaining the correct study permit, as well as completion of the post-graduate work permit application.

Network Canada has recently joined the largest network of education agencies in the worldwide International Education Industry. PIER is an International Education Services digital platform for the international education industry. Their partnerships include federal government agencies, national broadcasters, education peak bodies, and community advocacy groups. View our PIER Network Agency Profile.

Why Study in Manitoba

  • Internationally recognized Education Programs
  • Modern Classroom and Research Facilities
  • First-Rate Teachers, Instructors and Professors
  • Low cost of living compared to other Canadian Provinces
  • Affordable Accommodations and Transportation
  • Safe and Friendly Communities
  • High Standard of Living
  • Economical Tuition Fees
  • Scholarship and Work Opportunities
  • Located in the Centre of North America which is a short commute by plane to many cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago
  • Options for Urban and Rural Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Multi-Cultural Province that celebrates Ethnic Diversity
  • Variety of Cultural Events, Street Festivals and Wilderness Adventures
  • Eligible Graduates can apply for Permanent Residence
  • The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Student Questionnaire

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